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Saturday 7 November 2020

Them Geezers Over There - Panic EP (1987)


A1 - Panic
A2 - Pushin' Throu'
B - The Gig

3 better than average Male/Female Voc  80's Powerpop tracks from this short lived [1987-90] Chelmsford 5 piece on the Rambert Records label

All I know is :

The band were led by Jonna Beacon (Guitar Voc) & their drummer was Andy Franklin

There were 500 sleeveless 45's pressed as a prize for winning a 1987 Essex Battle of the Bands contest.

Being Bored By Keith & Co
In 1989 they also competed on Keith Chegwin's SkyTV's Star Search (Performing Pushin' Throu' with a slightly amended line-up)

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