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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Them Geezers Over There - Panic EP (1987)


A1 - Panic
A2 - Pushin' Throu'
B - The Gig

3 better than average Male/Female Voc  80's Powerpop tracks from this short lived [1987-90] Chelmsford 5 piece on the Rambert Records label

All I know is :

The band were led by Jonna Beacon (Guitar Voc) & their drummer was Andy Franklin

There were 500 sleeveless 45's pressed as a prize for winning a 1987 Essex Battle of the Bands contest.

Being Bored By Keith & Co
In 1989 they also competed on Keith Chegwin's SkyTV's Star Search (Performing Pushin' Throu' with a slightly amended line-up)

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Scans & Sounds


  1. Awful choice of name and a bit of a dodgy image even for the time (I was all 'Beatles in Hamburg' back then!), so wasn't expecting much. The lead track is pretty good though, has a slight hint of 'Hypocrite' by Newtown Neurotics.

    If you're interested I've put a playlist up on the Worthless Trash website. Probably nothing you haven't heard but might be worth a look.

  2. Such a great entry, thank you! The real context is in the video included here, which shows them playing live and being JUDGED. I hope that judgement didn't contribute to their demise. All of the tracks are great but "Panic" is an unsung 80's classic!

  3. The contest was 1987 but the songs were recorded in 1981??? No wonder the rhythm section took off.

  4. Nice to see some comments - Thanks!
    James, I like the new layout & a good choice for a playlist http://www.worthlesstrash.co.uk/ for anyone who wants a look.
    DP, I'm pretty sure no-one gave a toss what Paul King or "cheggars" had to say.
    S, Don't beleive everything you read on discogs!!