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Wednesday 8 January 2020

Those Helicopters - Shark (1980)

b/w - Eskimo

Great DiY tunes from:-
Alan Robinson (Voc)
Andy Wood (Guitar on 1st 45)
Stephen John Maughan (Bass, Voc)
Andrew Barnden (Drums, Voc)
Vincent Whitlock (Keyboards, Voc)
David Ives (additional Guitar occasionally)

Those Helicopters [1978-82] were formed at the Maidstone College Of Art in Kent, where the members were all students [except Cockburn, who was a tutor] in the film, video and sound department.

11/1979 7" South Coast Towns//World Without Love/Flash Benadette - Bonaparte Records ‎[BONE 4]
05/1980 7" Shark//Eskimo - State Of The Art Records ‎[State 000001]   
06/1981 7" Dr. Janov//Technical Smack - Lavender Sound Studio ‎[Lavender 001]

1980 World Without Love On  VA - "We Do 'Em Our Way"
1981 ? - Singing Brains [Cassette Only LP]

Useless Info 1 - The band name was inspired by the opening Scene of Francis Ford Coppola's Movie "Apocalype Now" [As was this sleeve]

Useless info 2 - Prior to the band's formation Harlan Cockburn had been part of a casual band of staff & students at Maidstone Art College called Vic Damone. [Their rule being that as soon as anyone got halfway good at an instrument, they would to swap for something else.] They would record several times a week, it was these tapes that formed the basis for student David Cunningham’s (The Flying Lizards) ‘Money’ and ‘Summertime Blues’  (Cockburn's home-made guitar can be heard on the intro bars to Money).

Want More ... Go here to hear what Alan Robinson was doing post TH

As the sleeve of their 1st 45 states : Thanks to Marc Arscott [Manager] for the extra info