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Sunday, 5 August 2018

The Banditz - J.C.B. (1980)

b/w - Damage Your Health

Great keyboard driven New Wave tunes (500 pressed) from these English born but South West Cork based boys [1979-80]

John Williamson AKA John Wallace (Guitar Voc) Ex Bandits
John Pike AKA Patrick Pike (Bass) Ex The Rats
Graham Kin AKA Harry Kin (Keys Voc) Ex Bandits
Howard Palmer AKA Albert Drummer (Drums) Ex The Rats

After 18 months John Pike Left So Howard Palmer switched to Bass & they recruited a new Drummer Wayne Sheehy Ex Bantry Band Exodus - This line-up also recorded a 45 for Phaeton Records but it was shelved due to the bands lack of progress.

L-R John P, Graham K,John W, Howard P

For An Extended Bio Pop over to IrishRock.Org where this info was purloined.
Useless Info - JCB appears on Shake Some Action Vol.3

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