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Sunday 5 February 2023

Johnny Solo - Yellow Dinghy (1981)


b/w On The Rebound

Hull based band active from the Late 70s to Early 80s

Johnny Solo AKA Johnny Richardson (Voc)
Chris Brown (Guitar)
Ian "Ralph" McWalter (Bass)
Steve Jessop (Drums) Also played with Nyam Nyam 
Steve Marshall (Keyboards)

(Also included on the Recording Session)
Dave Gambi (Trumpet Voc)
Paul Tiffany (Congas Voc)
Jane Hutchison (Saxophone Voc)

(Ex Members Include)
Dave Ellis (Double Bass)
Thurstan Binns (Drums)
Tom Cotton (Bass)
Professor Arthur Smee (Drums)

Johnny Richardson and Chris Brown were at Art College together meeting Steve Marshall along the way. Initially the band also comprised of Tom Cotton and Professor Arthur Smee. As both Smee and Cotton had their own projects, replacements (Steve Jessop and Ralph McWalter) were gleaned. 
1981, the band (Johnny Solo & the Escalators) were renowned for their lively performances in local venues and around the university / college circuit. 
Winning a music paper competition, they recorded “Rebound” at Pathway Studios with Nick Lowe however the master tape went missing, so the band produced a new version plus “Yellow Dinghy” at Fairview Studios in Hull.

Around the same time the Hull compilation LP Mrs Wilson’s Children was released which included their track “Special Stuff” 
There is also a promo video of “Fluff on the Needle” made that year on YouTube.