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Sunday 6 June 2021

George Duffy & The Sons Of Jet - Funny How Love Can Be (1988)

 b/w Sloopy Hang On 

A pair of Mod/Pop 60's covers for the Sole 45 release of this Lincoln based Trio led by Scottish [Motherwell] born George Duffy.

George Duffy (Voc Guitar)
Glyn Rudd (Bass Voc)
Ray Plummer (Drums)
with help from
C Lainge (Guitar) S Walker (Keys)

Although if you pick up early versions of the 45 that haven't had the rear of the sleeve pasted over, the line-up reads:

George Duffy (Voc Guitar)
Paul James (Bass Voc)
Richard 'Starr' Laws (Drums Voc)

There were two earlier "Sons Of Jet" tracks released on compilations
Marilyn Monroe - The Phase III Mod Bands 7'' EP 1987  [PHZ-13]
Love Is Real - Unicorn 2 [Modern Times] LP 1987 [PHZA-11]
These were both recorded at the same sessions [13/14 April 1987 @ Chris Price Studios, Nottingham]
The line up for these tracks being
Jim Hofner (Voc Bass Keys)
George Duffy (Guitar Voc)
Phil Halton (Drums)

Useless info - George had a spell in the RAF stationed in Germany, where the name of the band was first "Sons of Jet Harris"  

The Sons Of Jet did make a comeback around 2014 [follow the link & hear 2 more tracks]

What's George Duffy Doing Now