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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Times Square - Joanne (1983)

B1 - Everytime
B2 - Road To Morocco

Excellent Mod (60's flavoured), powerpop from this North East (Sunderland) based band.

Recorded Feb '83 & released June '83 through (I Believe) North East Music Records.

The Band members were

Hilton Heslop (Voc)  
Jim Dryden
Neil Watson
Paul McDonough

Apparently the band split up shortly after the 45 was released but reconvened as a 3 peice late '83 minus Neil Watson.

It was recorded at Terry Gavaghan's Guardian Studios (having a Guardian Records N' Tapes release number of  GRC 240) & released on their own "Lets Go Records"

I personally prefer Everytime but Joanne is also a great track

Thursday 21 June 2012

3P Sweet - Too Close To The Moon (1982)

b/w - Getaway Car

2 interesting New Wave tunes [with bass lines that Jah Wobble would've been proud of] from this South London based band.

Tim Branston (Voc Guitar)
Brian Diprose (Bass)
Brian Nevill (Drums)
Martin Ansell (Keyboards Voc)

It was released in Feb '82 on the bands own Record Records label & was engineered by Andy Le Vien at his Thornton Heath R.M.S Recording Studios.

If you ask me Getaway Car is the better tune predating Renagade Soundwave by a good 8 years!

I'm a bit slack on info as I couldn't get any concrete evidence; but 

Tim could be the slide guitar player on this & this could be him.
Brian  probably played on this & this & could be in  Pearls B4 Swine or The Looters now
Martin possibly did this if so here's his myspace page

Well that's enough mis-direction 

Friday 15 June 2012

Rizz Wah Wah - My Bike (1982)

b/w - Red Echoe

Something different for a change; it's a sort of D.I.Y. indie tune with a blend of 80's synth & dub (On the flip).

The Exeter based band were led by Steve Waters (Voc, Guitar) who incidently is still playing in & around Exeter.

Aparently the group had their beginnings in the late 70's as a punk band although by the time this 45 was released they had definitely taken a different path!

Steve has a myspace  where you can see what he's been up to & there are also some more tunes of what he's playing now here

The record was produced by Suchart Thittichai & Mike Partridge & the 45 was mastered by Denis Blackham probably at Tape One on Tottenham Court Rd.

They also had an earlier track (Disco Pollution) on the Various Artists LP "The Circus Comes To Town" - Circus Records (TENT001) 1981

Sounds & Scans

Sunday 10 June 2012

THe Swimming Pool Q's - Little Misfit (1982)

b/w - Stingray

This is the 2nd Quirky 45 release from this Atlanta Georgia band (Formed 1978 & still going strong). Their 1st is available here

There have been many members in their 30+ years; below is who played on this record & a few (most?) of the rest

Jeff Calder (Voc, Fender 12 String 1978-)
Anne Richmond Boston (Voc, Pipe Organ 1978-87, 1998-)
Bob Elsey (Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar 1978-)
Pete Jarkunas (Bass 1979-82 He replaced Billy Jones (1978-79) & was in turn replaced by J.E. Garnett (1982-1990) &  Robert Schmid (2001-)
Robert Schmid (Drums 1978-81) replaced by Billy Burton (1982-)

Pool Q's with Billy 1982
Robert was the Drummer on this (LP edited) version of Little Misfit however Drums on Stingray are credited to Darryl Rhoades (Recorded 11/03/82) & the arrangement is co-credited (along with Calder) to Glenn Phillips

There's way more info on the Swimming Pool Q's here

not so Useless information - The sleeve cover was designed by Anne Richmand Boston

One last thing!!!
This Post is in support of the Friends of Bristol South Swimming Pool please follow the  link & show your support.

Friday 8 June 2012

Terminal Spectators - Reach For The Sky (1982)

b/w - Another Day, Another Dream

-Double A Side-

Class 45 from this Bedfordshire based band

Lionel (Voc, Guitar)
Andrew Walker (Guitar)
Carl (Bass)
Robert (Drums)

Recorded at Chariot (Studios?) which has a Luton prefix phone number & Pressed in France (MPO in dead wax)

This is available elsewhere but I think it deserves a place here as well.

Another day, Another Dream has been comped on Every one a classic Vol 5

Useless Info - Another 45 on this label is here (but it doesn't appear to be worth looking for)

Sounds & Scans

Wednesday 6 June 2012

No Idea - Modern Girls (1982)

b/w - Let Me In

Nice New Wave /Pop Rock tracks from this Bollington (Cheshire) based Band.

Mike Kelly (Voc Guitar)
Rob Palmer (Guitar)
Alan Astbury (Bass)
Paul Lucas (Drums)

With help on Let Me In From

John Cooper (Keyboards)
Alec McDonald (Sax)

The tracks were penned by Kelly & produced/engineered by "the band with Ray Buckley" althogh they were recorded in different sessions at Steve Foley's Smile Studios, Chorlton, Manchester.

Let Me In - June 1981
Modern Girls - Jan 1982

Useless Info - Ray Buckley was also an enginnerer at Pluto studios & engineered this (I guess he's proud!)

Later - I couldn't find much about the band except Alan now plays with Amandla

My main questions though are;
Who was Tommy? (see the label scans in the d/load) & also
Who was Dave Shannon? (name on the promo labels I have - again see the scans in the d/load)

Sounds & scans