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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

No Idea - Modern Girls (1982)

b/w - Let Me In

Nice New Wave /Pop Rock tracks from this Bollington (Cheshire) based Band.

Mike Kelly (Voc Guitar)
Rob Palmer (Guitar)
Alan Astbury (Bass)
Paul Lucas (Drums)

With help on Let Me In From

John Cooper (Keyboards)
Alec McDonald (Sax)

The tracks were penned by Kelly & produced/engineered by "the band with Ray Buckley" althogh they were recorded in different sessions at Steve Foley's Smile Studios, Chorlton, Manchester.

Let Me In - June 1981
Modern Girls - Jan 1982

Useless Info - Ray Buckley was also an enginnerer at Pluto studios & engineered this (I guess he's proud!)

Later - I couldn't find much about the band except Alan now plays with Amandla

My main questions though are;
Who was Tommy? (see the label scans in the d/load) & also
Who was Dave Shannon? (name on the promo labels I have - again see the scans in the d/load)

Sounds & scans