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Tuesday 17 June 2014

Five Star Gas - Smokey Bubble Shoo Fly Pie (1979)

b/w - Sledge Hammer

Great New Wave / Powerpop from this Hertfordshire area band (1978-83). Released at the tail end of 1979 in a pressing of 1000

Terry Judge (Voc)
Nick Murray (Guitar)
John Simpson (Bass) Now in The Feelgood Band
Bob Prebble (Drums)

Give Sledge Hammer a listen first as Smokey Bubble Shoo Fly Pie is what can be called an "acquired taste"

Thanks To Bob for the extra info

If you're in the Hertfordshire area keep a eye out for the 4-Piece The Dukes Of Earl. - The band includes Nick Murray (Guitar) & Bob Prebble (Drums) along with Alan Webb (Bass) & Mick Anderson (Guitar)

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