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Wednesday 8 June 2016

The Units - Baby You Flirt (1980)

b/w - Grill Room

Recorded at Reel Recorders, Adelaide, South Australia. September 1980.

Adelaide Powerpop/New Wave band (1979-81) that rose from the ashes of East Suburbia (1976-78)  Jack(Gtr/Voc), Ken(Gtr/Voc), Claudio(Gtr), Richard(Bass), John(Drums).

Al Shean (Allan Robins aka Jack Robins) (Guitar Voc) Ex Jaggels
Cloudy Dae (Claudio Katern) (Guitar) Bass for pre Units band "Back Street" later Bassist in Screaming Believers (1985-88)
Lucky Stiff (Mark Cornwall) (Bass Voc 1980-81) Ex Fine Cuts
Vince Gritoli (John Gazzola)  (Drums) later in Bloodloss (1982)
(Additional Voc) Ken Sykes (Guitar Voc) Ex Jaggels pre The Shreds (1980-81), Screaming Believers (1981-88,1991-2)
Richard Opolski (Bass 1979) left to join The Shreds

Doron Kipen (Engineer, Producer)

Useless info 1 - Grill Room Is about a story told to Jack regarding the "Boys in Blue" and their often grey area of handling people in their ‘care’.

Useless info 2 - Grill Room also appears on the Sydney Radio 2UW - VA LP "Homegrown" (11072UW YPRX2020 - Recorded Sept 1982) "Compiled from Demo tapes of undiscovered Bands to look out for in '83" Recorded by a band called Watfo Zymol & The Simpletons - [Anyone know if they became Zygon? who are linked to a 1985 version of The Units -Tony Gow (Bass), Garry Meaklin (Guitar), Mick Rafferty (Voc)]

As well as releasing this excellent 45; Acheivements also include touring Sydney with The Innocents in 1981 & being briefly joined by Giles Barrow (Exploding White Mice) before they imploded in '81.

Finally here's a You Tube clip of The Screaming Believers Live in 1982 covering "Baby You Flirt"

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