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Sunday 9 January 2022

Fanny 'n' Danny - Second Hand Rag (1981)


b'w - 'Til You Been There

Second Hand Rag is from the 1981 Play "Wild Wild Women" written for the Orange Tree Theatre Richmond, Surrey's 10th Anniversary & is a bit too Chas n Dave for me but the flip is Good Pub Rock/New Wave 

Fanny 'n' Danny =
Nola York [Singer, Songwriter]
Michael Richmond RIP [Musician, Songwriter]

Michael & Nola 

Released on Aggro Records [AG2]

Produced by Riss Chantelle RIP [After the demise of The Chantelles, Riss Chantelle formed Chantelle Music, and managed Nola York]

Engineer Graham Bryant

Useless Info - The setting of the play "Wild Wild Women" is the mining town of Aggroville [Notice a theme anyone?]