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Saturday 6 July 2024

Arctic Raiders - Clockwork Boys (1981)

b/w Gentleman Jim

Here's some great New Wave on the sole release from this Hull 4 piece (1980-82)

Geoff Appleby (Voc Bass) ex Buzz / Screen Idols  
Keith 'Ched' Cheeseman (Guitar Voc) ex Buzz / Screen Idols   
Mick Greaves (Guitar Voc) 
Brian Chapman (Drums)

Produced at Fairview Studios in Hull by Roy Neave & the band.

Clockwork Boys was written by Brian Chapman, and the flip was written by Mike Greaves. During a radio interview of the band, Mike explained the story behind his song. 
"There was poor girl on a documentary, who was married with a couple of kids. The whole documentary was devoted to this family. The woman was just obsessed with Jim Reeves. She had the whole room decorated in pictures of Jim Reeves, she spent the whole family's income flying to the States to lay flowers at Jim Reeves' grave. She also reckoned that when she slept with her husband on a night she'd pretend that he was Jim Reeves!"

Geoff Brian Mike Ched
The 45 also had a Portuguese release 
Jim Reeves / Clockwork Boys [RCS – SPE 003]  

Arctic Raiders ceased to exist in '82 after Mick Greaves left. However the remaining 3 formed The MGBs primarily becoming a covers band. 
They recorded their own independent cassette Sweet and Sour to be distributed at gigs. 
Sweet n' Sour / Burn It / I Can Hear The Grass Grow / Hanging Around / I Fought The Law / Shove It / Working Class Hero / Got To Get Away / Here Comes The Sun / Bo Diddley Medley

Useless Info - Mick Greaves has more than a few song writing credits for the Beautiful South (Diamonds /Frank And Delores /One Man's Rubbish /A Way With The Blues /Nearer To God /A Piece Of Sky /Why Can't I /Missing Her Now)

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  1. Nice post! I hadn't made the Buzz/Screen Idols link but can't say I''ve ever went digging. Good to know though!

    My mum was a big Jim Reeves fan but not anywhere near as obsessive as the woman mentioned here. All my records were 'a bloody racket' except for 'New Guitar In Town' by The Lurkers, she liked that one.