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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Naughty Thoughts - All or nothing (1982)

b/w - weekdays

Nice bit of mod/powerpop from Kent for you.

"all or nothing" is a fairly decent rendering of the Marriot/Lane classic but it's the B-side that does it for me (it's got a bit of a ropey start but romps home)

The band were

Mark Edwards (vocals guitar) ex "the Rivals"
Chris Waters (guitar Voc)
Jim Peel (bass Voc)
Mike Jenkins (keyboard voc)
Mark Hebdan (drums) also ex the 1st Rivals lie up.

Strictly speaking the sleeve lies, as it's not really their debut, having already released "shadow stalking" on a various artists 45 in 1981. (First release e.p. on the sleep-n-eat record label - get it here)

Photo of the band signing to "Maestro" outside the entrance to Margate's Dreamland also in the Photo is Peter Malski (Front) & Band Manager ,Andrew McPherson (Back)

After leaving their "Naughty" thoughts behind in 1983. Mark & chums (the only change is Steve Morley filling in behind the drums & Gary Barnacle added sax ) went on to release records as "the Thoughts" seemingly doing better in Germany & Japan than in the U.K.

You can hear their LP releases here & here (As with this 45 their LP "Passions In Fashion" was also independently funded by Peter Malski's label). Clive Scott of Jigsaw produced the album at Majestic Studios in Clapham with the final cut 'Ecstasy' being recorded at 10cc's studio in Dorking. Unfortunately a deal for worldwide rights and release of the album with Lamborghini Records fell through at the 11th hour, hence the LP being quite hard to locate now.

sounds & scans below