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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hippo - Hot from hippo ep (1979)

A1 - They can't hear me
A2 - Twenty three
B1 - Country roads
B2 - Spanish eyes

Here's an "interesting" ep for you (1 original & 3 covers) from this South coast band
(Boscombe nr Bournemouth, Dorset)

I think it starts off as a fairly decent romp & by the end barely crawls over the finishing line - give it a listen & you'll see what I mean!

The band were

Chris Coope
Roger Deacon-Smith
Barry Vacher
David Dowland

sounds & scans below



  1. Side two is a waste of good vinyl.

  2. Ah - I believe, my point put less succinctly!!

  3. Yes,i agree...but a band that cover an obscure Alberto's track is relly curios...best wishes

  4. Just to dot the i's & cross the t's on Roberto's comment "23" was originally on the 1979 LP "skite" by "Alberto y lost trios paranoias"

  5. You had to have seen them live in order to get the real taste of this EP . . . I'll remember seeing the guys play "Spanish Eyes" live at The Chequers in Lytchett Matravers in the late '70s with great pleasure until my dying day. Barry (I think) out on the end of a long microphone lead, singing to some poor unsuspecting female in the audience from about 18 inches . . .

  6. i saw them at the pinecliff lots of times, and the final gig at the chequers in i think 1983 great live band

  7. I saw them at the pinecliff a lot of times, also the Burley Manor. Nothing quite like Barry's rendition of "Raining in my Heart" or even the Not the 9 o clock news "Gob on you", plus many others. Always a great evening, I used to have a bootleg but long lost after many house moves. Fond memories.