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Saturday, 30 April 2011

B.G. And The Mouse - Breaker One Four (1981)

b/w - Channel Tunnel

Quirky little tune from the pen of Peter (The Mouse) Malski

I received an E-mail from Peter last week, with the sad news that Barry Gibbons (B.G.) had passed away earlier this month. As I'd obtained a copy of this a few weeks ago I thought it fitting to post it as a (sort of) epitaph.

This is the duo's 1st 45 for Maestro records (2nd here) I'm not sure if there were any session players used but my guess is Mike Fuller (sax) & Mick Jaques (drums) were most likely involved.

According to Peter; the CB jargon was from a "glossary of CB slang" that came with a CB Radio set bought for his then 10 year old son. The tune was hummed into a tape recorder & then sent to Barry, who did the rest.

Sounds & scans below


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