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Monday, 27 September 2010

The Liberators - Liberators ep (1980)

A - I Robot
B1 - My Part Of Town
B2 - 24:24:26:

Cool bit of post punk/ska from this Falkirk area (Grangemouth) band, on the private sharko! label

My personal favourite is "my part of town" which dare I say it, reminds me of an earlier Edinburgh based band.

The band were

Mike Tonner (voc)
Robin Guthrie (guitar) pre Cocteau Twins
Billy Heggie (bass) pre Cocteau Twins
John Barrie (drums) pre Roseland
Jim Telford (keyboards)
Sparky (sax)
Anne Anderson (backing voc)

More Info here 

Apparently this 45 was also released as a cassette single in 1981 entitled Scream & Shout

Sounds & scans below



  1. Another great post and I'm with you "My Part of Town" is the standout track.

    I have a (impossible?) request, do you have the Wild boys - Last One Of The Boys? Samples are posted on Deadbeats and No Ones but not the whole tracks. I love this song but it seems to be so rare that you don't even see it for sale.

  2. Sorry, I don't have it - It was on e-bay about a year ago & went for around £500 (Jack if you read this can you send me the full rips of the Wild boys 45 & I'll pass them on to Mr ChChing)

  3. I do have the b-side "were only monsters" & a track called "Lorraine" both on the "sent from Coventry" LP which I can rip for you if you want them!

  4. Thanks for the reply and trying to get the full rip, I thought it was a long shot, but always worth asking. Yes please to the kind offer of their other tracks from "sent from Coventry".

  5. Here's the Wild Boys 7"


  6. Thanks to Mr Tone and Wave, after searching for this for ages, I now have three rips. Just have to check which one is best - this is a good one.

  7. Wild Boys?...500 quid???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....best laugh all day......what a pile o'shit

  8. 500quid for Wild Boys: eminently reasonable.