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Monday, 7 June 2010

Cheap Cinema - Fade Away (1983)

b/w a loan again

another great 2 sider - although "a loan again" is the powerpop winner for me.
I have to admit, (once again) to knowing nothing about this quartet.
By, the pressing, the label design & the sound, I would have guessed this was an American 45 but it has a Warrington phone number on the label & it's the correct area code for the Cheshire "new town"
- so it's another lost classic in the vein of all the "bomp" label female vocal bands.
If anyone knows anything about this band especially the release year, I'd appreciate the info.

sounds & sleeves below



  1. Nice record Bristolboy,
    Thanks again !!

  2. Single came out in June 1983 - band were 19 (or thereabouts) at the time. It had a bit of airplay locally, and was in the Manchester record shops (Virgin, Piccadilly Records etc). Trivia time - bassist and guitarist were previously in a band called Suburban Chaos - who shared a number of gigs with a band called The Patrol - later to become the Stone Roses. (Check out any Stone Roses biography and they usually mention Suburban Chaos - don't believe everything you read though!)

  3. just flicking through old posts & noticed this - thanks for the extra info S