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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

the Relatives - As a child (1980)

b/w - Say goodbye to your body

Excellent punk/powerpop coming in a lovely over sized stapled sleeve (a couple of which are starting to rust)

I'm led to believe that this four piece where from Oldham (Dave, please keep sending the Peel clips they're really helpful for information - there's nothing on the net! or in books (yes some of us still use them!))

they were (& probably/hopefully, still are)

Shaun Carter - vocals/guitar
Raymond Lyness - bass
Dave Brown - Drums
Ian Cameron - guitar

If this whets your appetite, pop over to Low Down Kids I believe they may have one for sale (S - I'll call later for my commission - I wish!)

sounds & scans below



  1. hi bruce what a 45 this is like i said on my e mail to you ive listened to these on recordings from peel shows for years and to have them in great quality with b sides is superb thank you . of cause i will keep sending you the peel clips

  2. Relatives single FREE (you'll have to pay the postage, though) to the first person to mail me and ask.

  3. Freebie gone. Snaffled by a cheapskate (but with good taste) back in Blighty!

  4. Steve, I don't believe anything. your not even give a good quality mp3. lol

  5. why do I always miss the free stuff? - oh hang on I didn't need it!

  6. Glenn: my mp3s are suck-it-and-see quality. I wouldn't have done the Relatives freebie if I didn't have a few copies, it's true!