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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Kamenbert - Sha La La La (1987)

b/w Voces

This is the 3rd & final 45 (I know there is a later LP from 1988 but not sure about any more singles) by this Spanish Mod band.
They apparently are from Castelldefels (Barcelona) their 1st 45 being released in 1983
All 3 of the 45's are worth trying to get your hands on. I've chosen this one coz it's the one I can always remember (it has a bit of a "dolly mixtures" sound to it! + gotta love the round sleeve)

there is a myspace where you can hear the 1st & 2nd 45's - another reason to post the 3rd -


If you're a fan of mod/powerpop music there is a plethora of it from Spain - I will be posting more in the future . I may not understand the words but the sounds get me every time!!

sounds & sleeves below


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