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Friday, 2 July 2010

The City Limits - Morse-code Messages (1979)

b/w -
1, If I Had The Time
2, I Just Can't Say Goodbye!

Great 3 track mod / powerpopper (all 3 tracks are excellent in my book)

The sole release from this Leeds area 5 piece - unless you count a promo cassette of their next release under their new name of "The Fierce Volleys"
(For more info on this go here)

the band were

Ted Waite (voc, guitar)
Anthony Peart (voc, guitar)
Jonathan Beardsworth (guitar)
Paul Hartwoods (bass)
Colin McCaig (drums)

apparently there were only 500 pressed *

*all info from Mario's 45 revs & Ted Waite - thank you

sounds & scans below



  1. They have a myspace page with more songs up. They sound great too.

  2. yes i was just going to say about the myspace page. brillant 3 track ep thanks again bruce i got the A side years ago but now have the b sides thanks dave

  3. thanks for that PwrPop78 I'll have a look

  4. Cheers...and thanks for some great tunes which make my day!Keep goin' man!Maybe in the near future something like Deep Throats...General Accident...Eyes...Tickets...Troops...'HANX!

  5. Wow,I never heard this before, what a record!! A+++++ post Bruce, Excellent !!! Thank You !

  6. thanks for the comments!!
    Er.. trgec which eyes? (I have 3 diff bands called eyes - admittedly one of them is Dutch)+ do you mean the "I'll be your pinup" by the tickets & "save the boy" by the troops - seems like I'm being picky but I'm sure you want the right 45's

  7. Strangely the Deep Throats, General Accident, The Eyes, The Tickets and the Troops 45's were already posted at Deadbeats and No-ones. Are there any other options? These blogs are really doing a fantastic work with all those old great bands but some people here should try to seek the bands and buy a record at least once in life.

  8. I've just popped over to deadbeats & seen what you mean - these do appear to be ones that "jack the ripoff" has only given non downloadable sound clips for. Ah well