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Thursday, 15 July 2010

the Electrix - 4 track ep (1979)

A1 - Holland
A2 - Oh So different from the crowd
B1 - Call a spade a spade
B2 - Enemy of the state

I've been asked too many times for this so OK here it is for everyone to hear!

This Scottish quartet made just the one pretty damn fine ep

According to the sleeve the band were

Donnell (voc)
David Ross (guitar)
J.B. Allison (bass)
Gene Krupa (drums) - is that a Joke?

sounds & scans below



  1. David Ross died earlier this year. He'd had quite a career in Scottish-historical stuff.

    The p/s for this is quite rare: they're hand-made, and were only done for those (few) copies sold immediately. Apparently it all kinda ground to a halt pretty quickly: most copies of the single were junked, and whatever survived were never p/s'd.

  2. Sorry to hear that & thanks for the extra info