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Monday, 5 July 2010

Special clinic - when the going gets rough (1978)

b/w - Sumo stomp

Here's something a bit different from the Midlands - this gets a bit of a slagging off in Mario's "45 revs book" (band info cribbed from there - thanks again!!)

Personally I don't know why
The A-side's got a nice 'n' lazy/funky
beat, admittedly it's a bit too long!
The B-side definitely falls into the new wave bracket

Apparently the 2 sides have a different line-up

A - Dave Tickle (voc/guitar)
John Potter (guitar)
Dave Keene (bass)
Pete Haddock (guitar)
Hal Haddock (drums)

B -Dave Tickle (voc/guitar)
John Potter (guitar)
Dave Keene (bass)
Mick Stubbs (guitar)
Martin Palmer (drums)

sounds & scans below


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  1. Special Clinic on Penicilin Sounds - ha ha ha! Actually, I really enjoyed Sumo Stomp!