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Friday, 23 July 2010

the Gents - Modern time (1980)

b/w Angry boys

This is the 2nd of 2 45 releases for this German quartet both in 1980 on sunrise records (released through RCA) the other is "upside down/and everyday"

This has been comped on powerpearls vol 1 which is available here . I'm not sure if the 1st 45 is available anywhere else (it's more 60's sounding than this fine slab of mod revival/punk)

I can tell you the 2 songwriters are

Stefan Bohrer &
Robert Schlunze

the other 2 will have to google themselves, find this & leave a comment!!

sounds & scans below



  1. nice 45 bruce they sound like 60s mod band the creation even the vocals sound the same

  2. Thanks Bruce, I could never find this one, a total classic.

  3. Not to be confused with the later (1983) Doncaster band 'The Gents', self styled 'King of the Mods' or 'Ace Faces' much to the derision of most true mods of the time... still liked their track 'revenge' though.

  4. Indeed not to be confused for the Doncaster boys (they started much earlier than '83 though as they are on the "Rock on" LP which was had a 1980 release)

    go here for loads of info