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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Silver screen girls - photographs (1980)

b/w - silver screen girls

(now you can fill in the b-side James!!)

Great slice of punk/powerpop for you (driving tune, harmonies & handclaps what more can you want)

recorded at the "legendary cargo studios", Rochdale

The Bradford band were

Tonie Harlow (voc)
Paul June (guitar, voc)
Mick Potter (guitar, voc)
Steve Holton (bass)
Maurice Kendall (drums, voc) - why did you leave your forename off the sleeve Maurice?

sounds & scans below



  1. sorry for your wasted time about the bleeding hearts 7" !


  2. no worries Razor.
    Time is there to be "used" or "wasted" - it's only up to yourself to decide which!

  3. Ha! now filled in. Also finally caught up with the other info you sent, plus done the T's. Nice records this!