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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Cenet rox - Sonny (1980)

b/w - French tutor

Here's what I have pieced together from the internet

The band was from Maidstone in Kent (So sort of Medway related then!)

Members of the band at some point or other seem to have been
Nic Hughes (vocals)
siblings Maxine & Mark
Mark (Eve) Adams (keyboards)
Andy Export guitar

There's more stuff by cenet rox on you-tube

sounds & scans below



  1. what a horrible voice!!! I really hate it!!!!

  2. his voice grows on you - must admit I can't help thinking of the goons when I hear it!

  3. I could name about 25 people who went through the ranks of Cenet Rox at some time or other. Cenet Rox was always the brainchild of Nick Hughes. He formed them after splitting up his punk band...GASH...in the late 70's. GASH were awesome live...as were CENET ROX. This single featured Nick on vocals and guitar....John Punt on drums...and Keith Seddon on bass. I amm pretty sure that Albert Unwin played guitar too

  4. Andy Export (called Andy Fraser then) played in a later line-up. Oddly enough....Andy Export are now back gigging and recording together....at time of writing...Sept 2011... under the name UNLUCKY FRIED KITTEN. Lots of UFK on youtube

  5. Great blog btw....whoever is writing it....I'll enjoy checking some of these little nuggets out :)

  6. Thanks for the comments & extra info.. Rock Writer - Nice interview with Andy Export (Is this a case of "talking to yourself as no-one else is listening" I wonder!)

  7. Band was from Medway, Sittingbourne, & Faversham. Band on Single is: John Punt (drums) Nik Hughes (vox /Guitar) Peter "Piggy" Cook (Vox/Guitar) Kieth Seddon (bass/vox) Rob Smart (guitar/vox)