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Thursday, 29 July 2010

the Trend - Polly and Wendy (1980)

b/w - family way

Listening to the Fascinators yesterday made me think of this band.

This is their 2nd of 4, 45 releases (all of which are of the same high quality as this) I've chosen this, as it was the only one released with a picture sleeve.
Some of their 1st single ("teenage crush/cool Johnny" on trendy records - 1979) had an insert (or poster or something) with them.

The band came from Hyde in Cheshire and were

Max (Rev) Revell (voc)
Jake Higgs (guitar voc)
Charlie Vincent (guitar voc)
Steve Scott (bass)
Jon Rood (drums)

sound & scans below


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  1. The singer was Mark Revell; he was a pupil at Dale Grove school in Ashton-Under-Lyne where my mum was a teacher.

    From memory, The Trend evolved from a hard rock band called Legend.

    The story goes that at one gig, they band all glued themselves together with super glue and had to be taken en masse in an ambulance to hospital to get separated.