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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lips - Say hello to my girl (1978)

b/w - Be cool from school

more powerpop for you!

The A-side was later re-recorded & released as a 45 on Double D records for "The Kraze"

If your wondering - "Is it the same band ?"

Answer is - probably!

The writer Steve Little (voc, guitar) was definitely in both bands. [the co-writer of Say hello was Martin Buckell (guitar, voc) who was not in the Kraze*]

*In case you are wondering The Kraze line-up was: Tony Toole [voc], Steve Little [rhythm guitar], Alan Hourihane [lead guitar], Mike Gorman [bass], Steve Dollman [drums], Lee Dallon [keyboards]

& yes TC Horn the producer is Mr Trevor Horn!

sounds & scans below



  1. Like this one a lot. The other version from the Kraze is also a winner though. Cool post.

  2. many thanks for the two last posts.

  3. Steve Little song writer/musician/actor.

    Is this the same Steve Little who once worked for Marc Bolan "T Rex?

    1. I'm not sure; there was a Steve Little working as a Roadie for T-Rex (1972-74). looking at the photo from the kraze 45 back sleeve (see link above) I would say he's too young.

  4. Could you upload this single again? Thanks

    1. send an e-mail to mylifesajigsaw@gmail.com & I'll send a link