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Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Click - Just Another Monday (1983)

b/w - Breaking up

Some great mod / powerpop from the pens of Carson & Murray. Although according to Rich Carson Just Another Monday was originally going to be the B-side to their 1st choice release of Dizzy Spinning Round.

The Woking 4 piece were
Rich Carson (voc, rhythm guitar)
Mash Murray (guitar, voc)
Pete Mills (bass voc)
Will Williams (drums voc)

The Band formed in April '82 & in July '82 entered & won an ABC music competition "New Sounds Of '82". The prize being 2 days recording time at a studio in Shepperton. A track called Touch Too Much was completed & can be found on the Various Artists LP Curious Collection (Street Tunes - 1983)

In Feb '83 the band got themselves a new manager in the shape of John Glover. September saw them approached by LWT to appear in an episode of Me & My Girl for which they were recorded performing Just Another Monday.
The record was produced / engineered by
Gerry Kitchenham & John Hewlett (ex Manager of Sparks, Milk & Cookies & The Dickies)
Who coincidently was the vocalist with some members of the above on the previous New World Records 45 (The Four Squares The Gates Of Hell / The Debt -NEW 2 )
Sounds & scans Below


Thanks to Rich Carson for the extra info.

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