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Saturday, 26 December 2020

The Toys - Ba Ba Badap (1981)

b/w - In My Car 

Great Beatlesque Powerpop on the 3rd and Final 45 from this Bath (Somerset) based band [1979-81]

Clete Stallbaumer (Voc Guitar)
Jerry Short (Guitar Voc) 
Phil Sudron (Bass Voc)
Dave Stallbaumer (Drums Voc)

July 1978 : American Born brothers Cletus F Stallbaumer Jr & Dave Stallbaumer (More Info in the download) recorded an LP with Mike Sparks (Bass Voc) & Mike Pryer (Guitar Keys Voc)
Clete Stallbaumer - My House Is Your House - Open Door Records [ODR-001) Chippenham UK
Me And The Boys/ Pride And Glory/ Grandma’s Rocker/ Speedway/ Do You Remember?// Motoring/ A Song For Rachel/ Here I Lie/ Black Limousine/ John’s Song

June 1979 : The Toys were Formed giving us 3 45's 
1979 The Natural Way/Go To The Police - Red Bus Records [1 A 006 - 63632] Holland only Release
1980 Go To The Police/Breakdown - Red Bus Records ‎[RBUS 54] UK
1980 Go To The Police/Breakdown - Red Bus Records [PB 5766] German Pressing
1980 Go To The Police/Breakdown - Carrere Records [49.647] French Pressing
1981 Ba Ba Babap/In My Car - Open Door Records  Chippenham UK
For the true completeists there is also:
1980 Go To The Police/I'm Alright - Red Bus Records ‎[RBUS 54] UK - The B-side is "Breakdown" Just mislabelled 

In 1981 Jerry Short & Mike Sparks teamed up In Bristol based band "Streets Ahead" 

Going by the Insert for the 45 it appears The Toys may have slimmed down to a Trio of  Clete, Phil & Dave.

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