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Monday, 7 February 2011

the Notations - In The Midnight Hour (1986)

b/w - Setbacks

"In the midnight hour" is a very good Mod cover of the Wilson Picket/Steve Cropper number in the same style as the Mustard Club/Sets etc.
Personally the B-side is the stand out track.
If you like your mod revival to sound like a lost Purple Hearts track (who doesn't?) then this is also for you.

I can't give you much background on this Sydney Mod band (the 45 was recorded at the Earth Media Studios in Artarmon)

The band were
Stuart Dickie (voc guitar)
Adrian Lee (guitar)
Tim Bosschieter (bass)
Mark Bevan (drums)

with help from

Jennifer Aarts (voc)
Gary Stephenson (sax) later in Sydney band people (1988) - who won 5 heats of star search (!!!)

If you're interested in Aussie mod from this era treat yourself & go here

Sounds & scans below


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  1. Thank you. Nice single. Great version and great b side.