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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mal Cochran - The Girls In Room 429 (1980)

b/w - Maybe I'm A Fool

Well I guess I'm going to have to start posting some things that I have some info on soon but I couldn't resist putting this cool, pretty much unknown powerpopper out.

I'm not really sure if Mal Cochran is a person Or a band named after a character in a 50's western Series

I do know there was a 2nd 45 after this
How Do You Talk To Girls /Hold Back The Night - EMI (1981)
& the writers for both the B-sides were Corkin & Carpenter. However the A-sides were penned by different people:
The Girls In Room 429 by T Taylor (Tot?) - this 45 also had a release in Holland
How Do You Talk To Girls by S.Kipner (?) & T.Suefert

Both the 45's were produced by Christopher Neil - It's a wonder these 45 weren't hits with all the big guns behind them!

Sounds & scans below



  1. Mal Corking and Jeff Carpenter had been in Giggles. "Girls In Room 429" was indeed written by Tot Taylor (see your post re The Innocents!). Steve Kipner and Tom Seufert were Australian (Kipner had been in Tin Tin, amongst others), and their song had been issued by Sharon O'Neill as "How Do You Talk To Boys" (never heard it... what's it like, anyone?).

  2. Thanks for the extra info - I thought there was a "girls in room 419/429" link but as with the rest of the post there was no real evidence so I left it out