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Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Conspirators - When You Walk In The Room (1980)

b/w - Cross My Heart

Another cover & again it's great 60's styled mod pop more in the style of The Searchers than it's writer Jackie Deshannon

Mid 60's Line-up
The-Conspirators were formed as a 5 piece in 1963 by Kevin Dulson and Joe Eardley in Stoke on Trent. Although by the time this 45 was released they had slimmed down to a trio.& have stayed that way (although around 1986 they were a duo)

Kevin Dulson RIP (Voc Guitar)
1980 Line-up
Glyn Davies (Bass Voc)   
Dave Hughes (Drums Voc)

An LP was later released in 1981 on the same label (ZER-19028) "Caught In The Act: Live At The Hempstalls"

You can also find 2 Compilations of Stoke Bands (again available on Teford based Zero Records) with tracks by The Conspirators.

Potteries Pop - Just One Look & Here I Go Again (1979/80)
Made In Stoke - Hippy Hippy Shake (1981?)

(These tracks are also all available on their 2004 CD "The Conspirators")

Dave Glyn & Kevin 1982

Sounds & Scans


  1. Cool record, I've always been a sucker for bands like this. Nice post Bruce;(As Always!) are their other records like this one? Thank You.

  2. Hi Frank good to hear from you, the tracks from this period that I've heard are all in the same vein.

  3. Knew Kevin, Joe and the original drimmer Roger, pretty well. Kevin was in original lineup of my band, The Challengers. Tony

    1. Thanks for the comment - Any info on the early days of The Conspirators or The Challengers would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Dave Hughes' wife works with me at Portmeirion

  5. do, the file has gone, can you reup please? i doscovered your blog only recentlY AND IT'S WAY TOO COOL

    1. Thanks, If you want to hear any of the older files you just need to send an e-mail to mylifesajigsaw@gmail.com & I will then send you a download link.