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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

the Reps - Rebel (1980)

b/w - No more yesterdays

1st of 2 45's & an LP for the Christian (yes, another one) New wave band
--If anyone can name me the other 3 interesting "christian new wave" bands I'll post them as well, otherwise this is the last one I'll post --

their other vinyl are
Bad boy at school (LP - also on kingsway music 1983)
what you gonna do about it?/back of my mind (7" - ramp records 1984)

The band were originally called Dunamis but once they'd relocated from the channel Islands to Rugby they became "the Reps"

John Ritter (voc, guitar)
Sue Ritter (voc, keyboard)
Andy Clark (guitar, voc)
Paul Raper (Bass, voc)
Jo Stephens (drums, voc)

Hmm.... I have 5 names yet there are 6 people. The other could be the songwriter/musician P. Nichole or Jay Clark - who knows!!

sounds & scans below



  1. Ishmael United
    Rev Counta & Speedoze
    Bill Mason Band
    Moral Support


  2. I'd love to hear the second single by the reps.

    kind regards

  3. I would count Ismael United & Rev Counta as the same band + wouldn't count Driver but congratulations you've named the ones I was thinking of so I'll post them & the 2nd Reps 45 in the near future.

  4. Moral Support
    BMB yep.

    Give a listen to "What Of The Night" from Ballymena on Budj label. 1979. Sounds like it could have been on Good Vibrations label. Very interesting.

  5. Andrew - you used the magic words (good vibrations)I'll have to do some searching for that - if you can send a rip I'd be grateful)

  6. Hi Bruce, just wanted to let you know about the What Of The Night album. You can find it over at the Christian music blog Flipsidemn: http://flipsidemn.blogspot.com/2008/09/what-of-night-1979.html


  7. cool... thanks Jack.

    Just had a nose around I never knew Iva Twydell was "christian rock his "secret service/resting in your love" 45 on banana records [1981} is excellent

  8. My rip is posted at the flipsidemn blog. Hope you like it or at least find it worth the effort. I posted one other LP from the same Budj label with a band called Tempest - LP titled Tsunami. Its at the same blog. Not as good as WOTN, but still interesting for christian 'new wave' from N. Ireland.

  9. Does anybody have their album The REPS bad boy at school? Thanks johnny

  10. Hi Johnny - You are the second person to ask for this in as many days - I have just slipped the disc out of it's sleeve to start ripping it -
    I'll send a link & you can post it on Flipside
    (BTW thanks for linking to here rather than re-posting these 45's)

  11. Thankyou for posting this! Jo Stephens (the drummer) was my father, who sadly passed away 8 years ago today, so I'm trying to find some records and internet profiles of him - but it wasn't as rife in those days!

    1. Hi Chloe, If you send an e-mail to


      I'll upload the 2 45's & LP & send you a link