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Friday, 2 March 2012

Joe Public - Champagne Charlie (1985)

b/w - Anti C.N.D.

Nice bit of Mod / powerpop that didn't get a proper release (only white labels seem to exist)

Joe Public was billed as Tony Feedback & Cindy Jackson [Pre plastic surgery days] but if you've followed the link you will know Tony Feedback was Tony Morrison AKA Tony Perfect. As Anti CND was an old unrecorded Long Tall Shorty track*, is it safe to assume he had help from at least some of the then disbanded group.

Steve B Moran (guitar) - ex-Reactions , also in The Rage
Derwent Jaconelli (drums/voc) - also in The Rage & Case briefly in Angelic Upstarts with Tony
Ian Jones (bass) - ex-Reactions
Mick Donnelly (sax) - also 1 of 2 sax players in Case ("wheat from the chaff" EP on SUS - 1982) pre Spear Of Destiny

*More on Long Tall Shorty here who have now recorded Anti CND - get it Here
Follow the links for some nice pics on You Tube of Champagne Charlie & Anti C.N.D

There was a 2nd 45 Joe Public presents Wild Thing (Limey Records) which seems to have been more of a vehicle for Cindy Jackson - tracks were Wild Thing (with Reg Presley) / Glad All Over (with Rick Hukley of DC5) // Talkin' About The Weather / Gudbuy T'Luv.

Sounds & scans below



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