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Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Students - Sunday Afternoon (1980)

b/w - Somebody New Every Day

Cool sounds outta Cambridge (I guess they'd been to a few Soft Boys gigs)

Guy Rackham (voc guitar)
Jon Lewin RIP (voc guitar) - later in Perfect Vision
James Daniel (bass voc) - - later in Perfect Vision
Tony Shepherd (drums) - later in Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators //Duncan & the Darts // The Wobbly Jellies & The Bible (keyboard / percussionist )

The 45 was produced by Marc Noel-Johnson at The Spaceward Studios (who incidentally was also a stalwart of the Cambridge scene being a member of many bands. Including - Cops // Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators // Duncan & the Darts //Andy Goes Shopping // Rob Appleton Band // The Lonely // Rock Island Rebels // Radio cowboys & Now in the New Essex Bluegrass Band)

Useless fact - Whilst trying for stardom James Daniel never gave up his day job at the Cambridge Computer Store.

If you want to know a bit about the Cambridge Rock Family tree (late 60's - Early 80's) have a look here

If you're interested; I prefer the B-side but "Sunday Afternoon" grows on you after a few listens!

Sounds & scans below



  1. I can see the Soft Boys comparison and the reasons for it. Not quite in the same league of course, but interesting all the same. Cheers for posting.

  2. Yep - I preferred "Somebody New Every Day" as well. We called it "Captain Pugwash" (listen to the guitar riff and you may get the - admittedly obscure - similarity). Tony S spotted that first. Guy wrote that riff. It definitely wasn't deliberate.

    Some more stuff about PV here:

    For the record:
    I didn't have a day job while I was in The Students because I was (shock) a student the whole time.
    I did have a day job once I stopped being a student (little "s"), and it was indeed at CCS.
    However, I did change jobs from CCS to Pegasus well before the final demise of PV.
    Also, everyone else in PV had a day job, although not in such a visible place as mine! Giles worked in recruitment, Jon was a journalist and Steve taught English for one of the colleges.
    FWIW, we all had career jobs or jobs that we wanted to turn into careers, and that's what caused us to pack it in, in the end. No-one was up for spending a year or two in the back of a transit van.

    You used to have to believe in God to qualify for life everlasting. Nowadays, you just have to get someone to post about you on their blog! Really chuffed that people are still even vaguely interested.


  3. Excellent info - Thank You James!