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Friday, 29 October 2010

Angylion stanli - Mari fach (1981)

b/w - Nos sadwrn (Saturday night)

Great tunes from another Welsh speaking band (I think this was their only full 7" release (Mari Fach = little Mari)

There was a later (1982) split 45 with Ail Symudiad (Emyn Rock a Rôl (The Hymn of Rock and Roll))
& a track (Carol) on a compilation - I'm not sure about any other releases!!

The band were based around the Bangor area & were

Tony Llwelyn Roberts (voc)
Trefor Roberts (guitar)
Huw (wirion) Roberts (guitar)
John Carrington (bass)
Glyn (Goll) Roberts (piano, organ)
Gwyn Howells (drums)

If you go to Tony's site you will notice he wrote/directed a drama series called "Emyn roc a rol" based on an 80's rock band in North Wales (nothing like writing about what you know is there!)

If you want to know what Gwyn Howells son is doing go here

wirion = stupid
Goll = lost

Sounds & scans below



  1. Really curious! The song Mari Fach is credited here to Huw & Tony Roberts....but the original song of this was written in 1978 by Adny Shernoff and Performed by The Dictators as ''Stay With Me''

    A plagiarism case?

  2. True! it's a similar tune but the lyrics are their own - I'm guessing!!
    (I don't suspect the Dictators had a huge grasp of the Welsh language- Do you?)


    for anyone that wants to check out what Mikel has said

  3. Neither do I. Possibly the Dictators never knew this band existed. However, I'd be a damn fool to believe otherwise.

    Anyway, I like this single. B-side is very good!

  4. Who cares? It's another belter of a single - cheers Bruce!

  5. Awesome. This blog is fucking amazing. Fucking great to hear this one. Never heard the Dictators version ... is it on "Manifest Destiny"? I mostly stick to "Go Girl Crazy", my loss I suppose.

    By the way, I've been listening to that Hussars single. The best Skids songs they never wrote.

    I feel like a greedy arsehole for askin but I never heard the Warm singles. Don't know if that's your boat but it's a request I thought up. You sure keep 'em poppin, mate. This blog is fresh, never stale, and I like it.