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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

the Rivals - Skateboarding in the UK (1978)

b/w - Top of the pops

Ah the Cool sounds of surf, DIY & powerpop coming together to make the almost perfect sound.

The band's only vinyl output was on "Sound on sound" which was run by a record shop [Rockin' records] based in South east London (Penge)
I suspect then, that they were also from that "neck of the woods".

I can't help you with all the band members names but the tunes were written by
Rob Fincher &
Trevor Crowther

Sounds & scans below



  1. If I remember rightly, they were from Bromley. Is that near Penge?? I dunno!

  2. It's pretty close - all around the Croydon area!!

  3. Does anyone else think that "Top Of The Pops" is even better than the A-side?

  4. I go through stages of preferring either /or

  5. I think the lead solo in 'Skateboarding' is as quaint as they come!