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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Longport buzz - Fun (1979)

b/w - who is he?

Here's the 2nd 45 by this Canterbury band (the 1st will be posted here in a couple of days time)

This is the punkier of the 2 45's but not necessarily the best.

The band were

Henry Sparks (guitar voc)
James Lyle (bass voc)
Ant Johnson (guitar)
Jim Hackford (drums)

This 45 was also released on the "criminal records" label a few months later in May 1980 (I've included scans of the sleeve in the download but not the different mixes. go here for Fun)

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thanks a lot for posting it.

    I am looking forward for listening that EP.

    I hope it would be as brilliant as this one.

    If it is so, i don´t really explain why this band never reach some fame..., althoug, as far as I Know, and discovering new bands everyday thaks for blogs as yours, it´s true there are millions of bands underrated

    Thanks for sharing your pearls!

  2. Once I´ve listened this single, I´ve realised that there is at least one different version of both songs...

    These versions are from First Offenders Compliation, and it seems to me be more punk that ones of the single (I like these more).

    Actually I´m not sure if the track of Powerpearls Compilation Vol. 2 of A-side "Fun" is the same version as First Offenders Compilation, but it´s definetely different from the 7" you posted it.

    By the way...., in First Offenders Compilation there is a track for The Names called "I´ll be your jet".... Is this the same band of teh 7" "Too cool to dance"?

  3. Sorry, I just noticed that you´ve mentioned both versions...

  4. I'm not sure about the Names being the same band as I don't own the First offenders comp (If anyone want to send me a rip - please feel free)

    According to discogs


    it seems that it is the same band

  5. Bruce this link is still live