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Sunday, 3 October 2010

the Stingrays - Still in love with you ep (1980)

A1 - Still in love with you
A2 - Wasting your time
B1 - Couldn't get it right
B2 - Walking down London street

Above average New wave tunes from the Stingrays on their only release (not to be confused with the Bristol band or the countless over bands that have used this name)

These boys were

Alan Grey (guitar voc)
Neil Daniels (bass voc)
Chris Gray (drums voc)
Psyd (keyboards voc)

Sounds & scans below



  1. Got this one and it's a cool little record. I know someone who insists it's a magic mushroom on the cover, despite the name of the band!

  2. Great comments, thank you....I was that drummer, Chris Gray, and nope, no magic mushrooms, just Letracet..... :-)

    1. Hi Chris - any info you can add for the post would be greatly received (where the band was from etc.)