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Friday, 22 October 2010

the Frames - CIA ep (1981)

A1 - CIA
A2 - Crowded rooms
B1 - Could be Paris
B2 - Fifi

Nice ep from this South Wales (Cardiff area) band.

the band according to the sleeve were

Gary Stockford (voc)
Spiro Darmanin (guitar)
Huw Richards (bass)
Gareth Morgan (keyboards)
Dylan Lewis (drums)

The only info I could find on them is here (which states the drummer was Chris Braizer (ex Nylonz & Zipper) & the guitarist was Phil Celia - oh well!!

Sounds & scans below



  1. For me, Side 1 towers over side 2 (especially the jaunty 'Crowded Rooms') but it's yet another obscurity that I'm so glad to have heard. Cheers Bruce!

  2. Hi, I was the drummer. Join in 1979 and did the artwork using Letraset before the days of desktop publishing. I still have a few copies. Glad you like it. Dylan

    1. Hi Dylan - Thanks for the confirmation.

      ....As to the EP's Stick 'em on e-bay it'll pay for a nice holiday

    2. If you want to know what they are doing now - check here


      & here


    3. Though both from South Wales I don't think Picture Frame Seduction are related to this band at all. PFS did play briefly as The Frames in 1979 according to the 'Burning Britain' book.

    4. You're right - Looks like i've got some info mixed up