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Monday, 11 October 2010

Sacre bleu - Move it (1979)

b/w - Just another Saturday night

Some Fine powerpop/pubrock from this Dublin band

This is their 2nd & final 45 (the 1st being "Broken promises / mademoiselle goodnight" also on polydor records)

The band on this record were

Anthony Kennedy (AK) (voc)
Dick Doyle (guitar, voc)
Pat Courtney (bass, voc)
Pat Waller (drums)
Frankie Morgan (keyboards, voc)

Pop over to Irish Rock.org for a lot more info on the band

Sounds & scans below



  1. Never heard this one before & I really like it. Thanks Bruce.

  2. always happy to oblige (the 1st 45 is almost as good - If anyone want to hear it leave a comment)

  3. Another great post I've never heard of. Thanks

  4. I think that the A-side is on Shake some Action Vol.8 Compilation....

    Nice tune!

    Thanks for the posts

  5. The A-side is indeed on the SSA compilation

    (great series that can be found for download if you look hard enough!!)