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Friday, 1 October 2010

the Index - Jetlag (1978)

b/w - Total bland

This was requested a couple of days ago (I prefer the b-side but each to their own)

The trio were based in the Cheltenham area & comprised of

Troy Tate (voc guitar)
Russell Eliott (bass)
Dave Hough (drums)

The record comes in a stickered plastic/paper bun bag stating limited to 500 & only 100 pence (see scan of b-side when its been downloaded)
("45 revolutions" disputes this saying 500 push out centre & 500 solid centres - so both could be true)

I've had contact from Russ, who has confirmed that there were only 500 (solid centre) copies pressed. This was at a plant near Hayes & all the costs were out of his own pocket. So Troy & Dave get in touch he wouls like 30p each from you! (It won't cover it but it's the thought that counts!!)
It was recorded at the Millsteam Recording Studio in Cheltenham & Technical duties go to Dik Cadbury (Producer) / John Acock (Engineer).

Sounds & scans below



  1. Didn't know about this one either, but I love and prefer Jetlag and I don't know why. It's got a quirky style of which you never really know what its going to do, with little riffs coming and going. Great post thanks.

  2. A small amount of info has been added courtesy of Russ Elliot

  3. Russ confirms 500 solids, but how many push-outs? We ('45 Revs') say 500 of those too?