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Saturday, 16 October 2010

EL 7 - magnifico ep (1980)

A1 - In the endless sea
A2 - The station I'm In
B1 - Robert Johnson's photograph
B2 - Blackpool beach

El 7 produced 2 45's in their short life. The other was here (info only now) & is here.

The boys from Reading on this ep were

John Townsend (guitar, voc)
Gary Jones (bass, guitar, voc)
Jon Hosking (keyboards guitar)
Steve Maynes (drums, voc)

The more astute of you will notice basically it's a different drummer than on the other 45.

+ If anyone cares, my pick of the bunch is Blackpool Beach (should have been called "on the beach" If you ask me!)

Sounds & scans below



  1. Very interesting to my ears. Thanks for posting Bruce.

  2. They're all quite quirky songs and improve with repeated playings. This record always reminded me of Mission of Burma for some reason!

  3. Thanks Bruce, I never heard this one.