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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Phil Canning - Sellout (1979)

B/w - Underground

Great double A sider from Leamington Spa wonder boy Phil Canning backed by the members of Cheeky (who released a lone 45 also on woodbine street records - I do have this 45, if anyone wants to hear it in it's entirety just leave a comment)

The band on the record were

Phil Canning (voc)
Nick Dee (lead guitar)
Martin Hainsworth (rhythm guitar)
Chris Southorn (bass , backing voc on underground)
Mark Slippitts (drums)

This 45 has been blogged before so for more info go here & here

Sounds & scans below



  1. Great stuff, so is the Cheeky 45. Well, at least "Don't mess around" is good, never heard the other side. Post it buddy.

  2. It's a cracker. Solid. For me, wins over the Cheeky. How's everyone else vote?

  3. I'd side with Cheeky, perhaps only cos I don't have the Phil Canning record (but I'm working on the that, slowly). Interestingly, Cheeky guitarist Martin prefers the B-side of their record over "Don't Mess Around".

  4. Remember this from Steve's Post and always liked it. Good to hear the b-side.

    Does anyone else think that "Sellout" has shades of Pinpoints "Richmond"? Or was it the other way round? as I can't be arsed to dig out my copy to see which came first.

    I'm up for posting Cheeky as well

  5. according to "45 revs" Pinpoint released "Richmond" a month before this (so they were pretty much recorded at the same time)

  6. Cheeky's "Don't mess around" reminds me of "Heavy metal kid" by The Coloured Balls. Just saying.

  7. pwrpop78 - nice call - the guitar riff is certainly similar
    (there's nothing like a bit of Aussie sharpie music every now and then)

    anyone who wants to hear some go here


    and here