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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Longport buzz - Canterbury pop ep (1978)

A1 - I'm in love with you
A2 - The daughters of Frenchmen
B1 - I was a Jewess
B2 - Dreamland

As promised earlier in the week here is the debut 45 from these Canterbury darlings!!

See my earlier post to see who the band were.

The catalogue # (buzz13) label & band name all originate from their then abode
No.13 Long port, canterbury*

*thanks to 45 revolutions for the above info

Enjoy - It's not in any way punk but I think it's quaint

Sounds & scans below



  1. Despite these tracks are not as punk as the other two, there are undoubtedly great tunes as well!

    I love that band!

    Thaks a lot, Bruce to let me listening them!

  2. mediocre, bad, a very boring EP!

  3. Not catchy as their other,but The Daughters Of Frenchmen is a great song...thanks