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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Rivals - Benefit Man (1981)

b/w - Don't Shine The Bright Light

Great punk/powerpop from this four piece.

Glenn Morris (Voc Guitar)
Anthony Kolinac (Guitar)
Ed Johnson (Bass)
Brad Spiller (Drums) 

I can't really tell you anything about this Aussie band (except it's next to Yesterday's post in my filing system)

They were from Sydney - going by the label (named after the recording studio - I believe)

I'd forgotten I had it until I pulled out the other Rivals 45 but on listening to it again, I decided to post it.

* Aparrently not many more than 100 were pressed

Thanks to Glenn, Chris & his partner for the extra info - see comments

Sounds & scans below



  1. I'm a bit surprised that there aren't any comments about this. It's pure gold!

  2. I must admit when I played it again the other day I was surprised how good it was & couldn't work out how I'd forgotten about it!!!

  3. Yes they are from Sydney!

    The missing name, A ... belongs to my partner's brother!
    His name is Anthony Kolinac.

    Anthony and Ed were in another band, Rattlesnake Shake, for a while.

    Ed Johnson went on to play with the Divinyls, don't know what the other two got up to.

    (My partner just randomly came across the image of the single when she was searching for something else - how bizarre!)

  4. Chris - Thanks for the comment & the extra info - much appreciated.
    I don't suppose you or your partner can remember which instruments they played?
    If not no problem as you have given me a new avenue to explore.

    1. hi im glenn morris the singer/ guitarist song writer, I wrote these songs I was 17,i later joined kings of the sun 1988 the screming tribesmen,and played with paul Collins beat(the American beat) we toured the us with the English beat 2012
      cheers glenn
      ps wish I had a copy of the songs!!

    2. Hi Glen - Thanks for the info (I'm impressed Paul Collins Beat are in my top 10 bands of all time)
      send an e-mail to
      & I'll send you a link to d/l them