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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Bureau de change - Attacked by the sound ep (1980)

A1 - I can't live here
A2 - Starry eyed
B1 - Attacked by the sound
B2 - What happened to you

Nice DIY sounds being emitted by this quartet from Sittingbourne Kent.

They were

Les Cadwallader (voc guitar)
Steve Maggs (guitar)
Antony Hayes (bass voc)
Graham McGarrick (drums voc)

BTW track B2 is my pick of the bunch but don't let sway you (+ they thoughtfully included a lyric sheet [which is in the d/load] so you can sing along.

See the comments section for more info & go here for some more unreleased stuff by them.

Sounds & scans below



  1. I'm with you - "What Happened to You" is the stand out track - Love it.

  2. Well I never - fame at last!

  3. Hi Les. Closer to infamy I'd say.... Any memories / extra info, you can add to the post?

  4. There are some earlier tracks by Bureau on Andy Phlegms channel on U-Tube. Bureau broke up in 1981 but in 1986 Graham, Antony and myself started a new band which broke up in 1989 but back in August we reformed this band with our original girl singer. Not bad that 3 original members of Bureau are back together 32 years after this record was made. I'll speak to the others and see if we can come up with any extra info on the record.