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Thursday, 9 September 2010

the Von Trap Family - Brand new thrill ep (1980)

A - No Reflexes
B1 - Brand new thrill
B2 - Dreaming again

These Walthamstow lads billed themselves as a psychedelic punk band ("dreaming again" should definitely be on one of those KBD compilations)

The band were

Kevin Rogers (voc)
Nick Saloman (guitar, harmonium) later in the Bevis Frond (short discography here)
Chris Whitaker (guitar, voc)
Mark Finn (bass)
Ray Flores (drums)
Cyke Bancroft (alto sax)

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  1. Weird one Bruce. I enjoyed the first track, despite it's length, got bored by the second track, then the 3rd blew me away, quite unexpectedly!

  2. wow does this take me back, and hapily so as it really is a little lost rough gem that never quite got the polish it deserved. I know that the 45 was once in my collection as was hair!Seeing as they came from neighboring Walthamstow It must of been at the Ilford's Cranbrook pub (think Itchykoo Park)where I first saw them. In hindsight I the first track out stays its welcome a little bit, shame as despite its ammateurish production the melody and riff manage to leave the desired impression. And yes as for the last track pure genius the way that it manages to mix the rush of UK punk with the cynism of the SF pink scene (Dead Kennedys).