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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Squeeler - Breaking out ep (1979)

A1 - Jennifer Broadhurst
A2 - Menace
B1 - I just want to be me
B2 - Framed

2 originals & 2 covers from this Yorkshire band

"Jennifer Broadhurst" (sounds like Ed ball & the times)
"I just want to be me" (cool new wave/powerpop with an excellent bass line)
The 2 covers are blues rock, which remind me of early Bon Scott era AC/DC

The band were*

Kevin Staniland (voc)
Pete Goddard (guitar voc)
Roy Lowbridge (guitar)
Brian Bingham (bass)
Tony Topham (drums)

*thanks to Mario's 45 revs for the band info & steve @ LDK for the use of the photo

Sounds & scans below



  1. Band was moustaches and r-o-c-k, but they turned in top 'poppers on A1 and B1 ("I Wanna Be Me" always struck me as a Jilted John clone), I think.

  2. Great EP! Steve is right, A1 & B1 are the best here but ''Menace'' is a cool rocking number though. I like it! Thanks

  3. I work with kevin staniland!