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Thursday, 23 September 2010

the Ripchords - 4 track e.p. (1979)

A - Ringing in the streets
B1 - Music is...
B2 - Peace artist
B3 - Television television

Great garage/DIY punk from these 4 lads from the Bath area

Sean Dromgoole (voc)
Jonathan Jetlag (guitar)
Morris Gould (bass, guitar)
Michael Trei (drums)

Sounds & scans below

Sorry..... I've been asked to take this off. So you'll have to source it from somewhere else


  1. Fantastic, I've been looking for this gem for ages. How many records have you actually got?

    This blog officially (well in my opinion any way) gets better and better.

  2. I get a Mediafire message: Invalid or Deleted File

  3. As to "how many records have I got" the answer is "less than I want but more than the missus wants me to have!!"

  4. Good answer, I think all collectors share a similar problem.

  5. No! I'm going to commit suicide now this is gone! Oh god oh god oh the lord!

    I have two desperate requests. Index "Jetlag" 7" and anything by the mysterious Gaffa of whom I find nothing. I am a desperate man. I commit suicide ten time for you, thank you yours is a real good blog with original stuff.

  6. Er - sorry Brian - snooze you loose - I do have the index 45 so I'll post that soon. I don't have any of the Gaffa 45's (but reading that they sound like XTC means I'll be on the lookout for them) so keep checkin' the blog they may appear!!

  7. Thank you for the Index 45 Bristolboy. Weird kinda Tubeway Army in Liverpool psychedelic punk wave classic in my book. Good luck with the Gaffa, its a sticky situation; I've heard they sound like "Chairs Missing" as well as XTC so they sound good no doubt. I can't think of more requests as you've covered so many of them but I'd like to hear the band Crach from the split 45 with Y Trwynau Coch well as Anglion Stanli from the Ail Symudiad split. I'm just a wee bit Welsh y'see. Thanks a million mate.

  8. there is nowhere else!!!!!!!
    PLEASE RE-POST!!! I will shower you in telepathic gifts.